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Total Change, says a chairman of a reputed chemical manufacturing company, after the suggestions incorporated at the factory, office and home. The main impact has been on good production followed by good improvement in sales. Stress levels of workers have noticeably gone down improving efficiency level.

The director of a denim manufacturing organization says, health of machines have improved drastically after consultation. Production quality also seems improving slowly. New opportunities have opened up from different direction. Project has taken a good shape and is progressing very well after the implementation of recommendations, says the director of a reputed construction company.

After implementing the basic suggestions, we are felling more peace at home and getting sound sleep. We look forward for more positive changes in our house, says a gentleman.

An overseas trader says that the suggestions recommended were very easy and convenient to carry out. Changes started coming within 15 - 20 days. Things have nicely settled mainly health wise and past difficulties easing out.

The Chairman of a leading textile firm says we have been associated with your team since last seven years and are immensely satisfied with your services and their results. The changes recommended by your team proved to be very practical and have benefited our organization in all the aspects.

A COO of the leading manufacturing organization says we have been working with you for our new upcoming project and have progress well in time, overcoming many seemingly unsolvable clashes between the engineering, the architectural and the Vastu & Feeng Shui requirements. We have been able to develop a site, building and machinery layout which not only enables and improves work and material flow but is also aesthetically and ergonomic, while being fully Vastu & Feng Shui compliant.

Dr Harshit and his team came to our office and suggested certain things for us to modify within our existing office. The reasoning that they gave us for these modifications seemed logical. We are thankful to them for the efforts that they have taken to minimize the negative energy in our office, narrates the managing director of a well known financial organization.

I am glad to inform you that the new office has come out really well and has been appreciated by all those who have visited us. In particular, I would like to highlight the overall layout, the colour combination and the designing part of the furniture, says a CEO of reputed organization.