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Plants and trees play a very important role for the environment and also in the life. They add to beauty and energy. Plants grow best where the energy is fresh. By being aware of the prevailing energies and the effects of various types of plants, it is possible to harness the energy wherever it is required. Using the right plant at the right place adds up to energy.

Vastu and Feng Shui can be used to determine appropriate locations of plants and trees in the premises. For landscaping many features are used like rock mountain, pebbles, floral plants, shrubs, tall trees, swimming pools, water fountains, lights, statues, gazebo etc. all these can be positioned using the detailed principles Vastu and Feng Shui. Various types of forms can be used to design the landscaping. First impressions are very important, both for us and for our visitors hence good landscaping creates a welcoming ambiance. You can identify different plants for front yard and back yard.

Following factors are considered while designing the landscape:

   Choosing plans / trees and planting them as per the directions.
   Shapes for landscape.
   Shape of water body.
   Location and shape of rock garden.
   Energetic locations for sit outs, gazebo.
   Shape of golf course.
   Auspicious locations for indoor plants.
   Roof gardens, balcony and terraces.
   Positioning of statues.
   And a lot more.