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PyraVastu and Feng Shui is the study and analysis of the movement of energy. Energy is invisible to many human senses but it does exist. It is the life force that powers all actions from the internal workings of a body to the dynamics of a property. Its movement is similar to the movements in nature where rivers follow the patterns of the landscape.

Most people have experienced walking into a house or a building and instantly liking the way it feels, or instantly disliking it. Probably many people have also experienced how this response is not simply a matter of decor or style, since a negative feeling may persist despite attempts to improve the house. In the case of the 'feel good' building, it may feel good in spite of the style and decor not being to your usual taste, or even being a little delapidated. And how about people for whom life is suddenly going really well, or really badly? Have you ever heard anybody say '"It's been ever since I moved into that house"? Well, PyraVastu and Feng Shui is about taking the guesswork out of these responses and experiences, and about increasing the extent of the positive responses.



The property is measured and evaluated using a selection of various methods, including an evaluation of its physical form and its position in relation to its surroundings. Precise measurements are taken using Special Compass. Property layout or floor plan and date of birth can assist the consultation.

Once all the necessary measurements have been gathered, various charts are generated, that will show the various strengths and weaknesses of the property together with likely influences that it will have on its occupants. This information can then be used to determine the major factors that need to be considered when generating a plan for any corrective actions.




Beams add stress...

The reason is that they cause a depression in the energy, which will subtly affect breathing and long-term physical and mental health. However, they are generally not a problem if the desk, or your bed is not beneath them. Built in wardrobes which include overhead storage above the bedhead have the same effect. If one really can't remove the overhead part of the structure, use drapes of fabric in a gentle curve from the front edge of the cupboards to behind the headboard of the bed. This will soften the effect. It is preferable though, not to have any storage cupboards or shelves above the head at all.