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Hints and Tips

   Do not hang anything behind the doors.
   Avoid storage above the doors.
   All doors should open freely without making squeaking sound.
   Cover electronic gadgets with white cloth and plug them off while sleeping in night.
   Reshuffle excess storage frequently.
   Keep bathroom and toilet doors shut when not in use.
   Keep the commode lid shut while flushing and not in use.
   Check your leaking taps.
   You should have a strong wall behind you while you sit in the office.
   Keep dustbins covered.
   Shape corners and edges to be rounded off.
   Fill you premises with intention, light & love.
   Avoid using dried flowers. Silk flowers or plants can be used but avoid plastic.
   The best way to stimulate the energy is by using live plants and fresh flowers.
   Do not place a mirror directly opposite the front door unless specifically advised
     by an expert.
   Avoid open mirrors inside the bedrooms.
   Avoid storage below the bed. However, sleeping related material like extra bed
     sheet, extra pillows can be stored. Avoid any other type of store below the bed.
   Picture of warriors should be avoided in the bedroom.
   Use soothing pictures and pictures in pairs in the bedroom.
   The most senior person should sit in the "control" position within the room. This is
     generally diagonally opposite the door or can de derived using detailed
   Do something to make yourself laugh. Laughter is one of the best stress relievers
     and relaxers.
   Use incense sticks and fragrances to rejuvenate your space.