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1. What is the difference in Vastu and Feng Shui?
    Vastu and Feng Shui both systems are based on the principles of the five elements. The interpretations of the elements in Vastu are slightly different than in Feng Shui. The fundamental principles and the logics are the same in Traditional Vastu and Authentic Feng Shui. Both aim to bring balance in the property.
2. Are the suggestions practical and easy?
    Of course yes. It is impractical and impossible to restructure the premises. Like every problem has a solution, we too can conveniently rebalance the imperfection using various computations and formulas of re-arranging furniture, using appropriate colours, applying good design principles and using plants.
3. I have purchased a house and the earlier owner had already done Vastu. Will it
    benefit me as well?
    Vastu and Feng Shui are science of space and time. The recommendations changes as per the date of the occupants.
4. Will the changes add to structural demolitions?
    No, the changes are very subtle and there are no structural alterations required.
5. Layouts for the new factory have been freeze. Can I now implement the
    It is always recommended to consult while the planning is on, as it is practical to implement things that time. However, there are several ways to re-balance the energies.
6. I want to use Vastu and Feng Shui in my corporate office. Will it disturb the
    aesthetic beauty and will the interior designer follow all the steps?
    Vastu and Feng Shui are used to enhance energies keeping the aesthetic beauty in mind. Our style of consultation is very much architect friendly and in fact will enhance aesthetic beauty and vibes of the office.
7. I read in the book and came to know that the boiler in my factory is in incorrect
     location. Will I have to change the location?
    There are various techniques available to neutralize the energy.
8. I am very keen in getting Feng Shui done in my house. Will you suggest putting
    chimes and other Feng Shui objects?
    No, in Chue style of Feng Shui we do not use any objects. We use a scientific approach and other natural means to balance the energies.
9. When will I see the results?
    The results vary from property to property. Implementations have to be done step by step and once the property starts responding, people start seeing the results.
10. What is the relation between plants and Vastu?
    Plants take away carbon dioxide and gives oxygen, hence purifying the environment. They are also very useful in protection from negative energies. Plants also symbolize growth. Hence they are used in Vastu and Feng Shui.
11. Which system should I apply for my property?
    As you see that we have a range of systems. Different property needs different styles. Once we see the layout, we can suggest the most suitable options that can be used in the property.
12. I am looking for a new property for my office. What should I keep in mind?
    There are various aspects considered while selecting the property. Firstly you need to make sure that the shape of the property is symmetric. Square or rectangle shapes are considered the best. Then you need to see the orientation of the building, office space and the front door. These are the main areas one needs to focus while purchasing the property. Detailed calculations help in selecting the best one from the options available.
13. Does Feng Shui help in improving relationships?
    Yes it does help.
14. I am looking for health, what are basic things that I need to take care?
    For health, the most important is to cover the mirrors in the bedroom. It is very important to avoid the storage under the bed. However, if you have sleeping martial it is fine. Cover the electronics in your bedroom while sleeping. Pay attention to the centre of your house. If there is toilet, then have small live plants in the toilet. If the toilet door is opposite your bed, retain the door shut and have small plants in the toilet.
15. I feel stressed in my shop, can Vastu help?
    There are several reasons for stress. Firstly, you need to get rid of clutter. By having clutter or any unwanted items in the office or home, the energy becomes stagnant and people often feel stressed out. Also avoid sitting under the beams.
16. Are the Vastu and Feng Shui recommendations permanent?
    The energy changes as per the time and space. When the time changes, or when there is some change in your property or in the surroundings, you need to consider Vastu and Feng Shui. You can also re-energize your space every year.
17. I am renovating my kitchen which position should I face while cooking?
    Generally facing east is considered good while cooking.
18. Should we avoid thorny plants?
    Yes generally thorny plants are avoidable in the property. However, rose plant is considered good as it symbolizes harmony. Some thorny plants are also used to protect from bad energy.
19. Is there a solution for NE toilet?
    Yes there are several solutions for it. The best solution is to maintain small plant in the toilet.