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Consultation for Corporate

Business Management, Hotel Management, Stress Management, etc. have established their position to benefit the organizations, likewise this is a scientific & futuristic approach of Energy Management to make things happen. PyraVastu and Feng Shui can assist in business ventures to enhance efficiency, success and prosperity.

The main areas of consideration for a corporate consultation are:

   Elevation of the office building.
   Presence of Water Body.
   Direction and location of main access routes.
   Detailed compass calculations to determine the quality of energy in each part of      the building.
   Identifying beneficial energies.
   Identifying unfavourable energies.
   Enhancing the positive energy through the use of colour
   Minimizing the negative energies through use of colour
   Location of reception and common areas.
   Location of main cabins and staff.
   Orientation of the desks.
   And a lot more.