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Feng shui intro

Feng shui intro

Feng Shui is an environmental science, which considers both space and time. It is an ancient art of placement that determines how you can structure and position the items that make up your personal living space to achieve maximum benefits. This ancient art has evolved over thousands of years to provide practical and effective solutions to people in various walks of life. Feng Shui is Chinese word, which when translated, FENG means WIND (Hava) and SHUI means WATER (Pani). Authentic Feng Shui has its foundation in the I Ching (The Book of Changes).

Feng Shui uses rational principles to bring in balance in the energies (called as Chi in Chinese) and helps people to get connected to nature and its forces. Energy or Chi is the life force. Energy means Shakti, Prana (in India), Chi (in China), Ki (in Japan), Kaa (In Egypt). Energy is an unseen force. It cannot be seen but can be felt, like air, electric current, solar energy, magnetic field, etc. There are fundamentally two types of forces in the entire universe, which are complementary opposite in nature. These two forces or energies are identified as Yin and Yang i.e. Positive and Negative or Father and Mother. When these two forces meet and spark a beginning is created and the energy begins to dance, which is called “Bioforce?or “Cosmic Energy?

One simple example of energy is, many times you experience that when you walk into a house you instantly like the vibes and feel good or you straight dislike it, even though the décor of the house is well done. This experience is not simply because of the décor but it is because of the energy or chi that persists in that property. Feng Shui is all about creating the balance in energies and making a stress free environment to live in. The concept of Feng Shui helps to choose designs, shapes and colours that support life.

Feng Shui is the study of form and detailed compass directions, a method based of Vastu Shastra. Like Vastu Shastra, the bases of Feng Shui are also the Five Elements and the five senses to see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Feng Shui is also well known as Science of Space Healing.

For practice of Feng Shui, Diagnostics and Problem Solving, various styles are essential, because different properties require different styles. Some styles are more suited for apartments, while some styles may be necessary when analyzing office space or a hotel and some for factory. Same as one key cannot open all locks, one system cannot satisfy the needs of all types of properties. Hence know how of diverse styles is very important.