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Consultation for Industries

PyraVastu, Yuen Hom and Sam Hap Style of Feng Shui are very powerful tools to be used for small scale and large scale industries. They can be applied right from selection of the plot to interior planning of the industry, including the flow of the material. They can also be applied to energize the sick industries. Systematic application of PyraVastu and Feng Shui will help you to gain positive energy, motivation, wellbeing, improve productivity and greater success.

The main areas of consideration for an industrial consultation are:

   Shape and size of the plot and buildings.
   Roof and its slope.
   Compass orientation and precise alignment of the buildings.
   Security cabins.
   Direction, location and sizes of entrances and exits.
   Location of boiler and other utilities.
   Location of septic tanks, water tanks, ETP, etc.
   Machine orientation and placement.
   Locations of warehouses.
   Flow of the material.
   And a lot more.